International collaboration: online programme "A Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances"

Blind Carbon Copy (Riga, Latvia) in collaboration with PARSE NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana), Vestfold Art Center (Tønsberg, Norway) and Kongsberg Kunstforening (Kongsberg, Norway) are announcing the online programme “A Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances”. The series of various artist contributions will be on view online starting from December 2021 till February 2022 on a web platform www.ASEFCC.org and Instagram account @structure.envisioned

How can we find space for expression and creation in a world of changing circumstances?

How has the pandemic offered new ways to work globally across geographic boundaries? What have been the challenges of this dis-location?

Can this isolation provide space for new visions and spark additional creativity?

How can we (and have we) utilized online platforms to connect during times of forced isolation?

The online programme “A Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances” curated by Maija Rudovska (Blind Carbon Copy) in close partnership with Amy Mackie (PARSE NOLA) and Tina Rigby Hanssen (Vestfold Art Center) brings together artists from United States, Latvia, and Norway and forms an interconnected web between all the participants by distinctively addressing the issues of fragility, precariousness, impermanence, and isolation.

ASEFCC embraces the unknown and considers how art workers live and produce work within/around/despite constantly shifting frameworks. It focuses on the collaborations, support, and exchange that can take place across great distances, and allows for connections between different geographical locations, while also drawing attention to the creation of sustainable and long-lasting partnerships amongst artists and institutions.

Participating artists: Dave Greber (USA), Cristina Molina (USA), duo Anna Ihle (NO) and Addoley Dzegede (USA), Kjetil Detroit Kristensen (NO) and Līga Spunde (LV).

Dave Greber and Cristina Molina for their video series called Casebearer 1.0 take inspiration from the highly adaptive species commonly known as the Bagworm or Case Bearer who creates a cocoon home for itself from whatever debris it finds. As artists who live in New Orleans, a city that faces coastal erosion and is threatened by sea level rise, the Bagworm serves as a model example of a resourceful nomad that acclimates itself to any given situation.

Artists Addoley Dzegede and Anna Ihle for their podcast A different world are using the personal tone to address notions of care, career and relationships in a political context. Ask Addoley + Anna questions who has the authority to give advice, and highlights the very practical conditions and dilemmas of art and money.

Līga Spunde’s project Episodes about not knowing how it will be takes shape as a poetic, digital artwork exhibited online. The irregularly changing nature of the work makes it unexpectable for the visitors, thus emphasizing the lack of stability behind different conditions that make a direct impact also on artists' work.

If You Do Not Love Me I Shall Not Be Loved by Kjetil Detroit Kristensen is a result of an artist's life and its surrounding chaos, trauma and depression derived from the pandemic through the years of 2020, 2021, and now steady ongoing into 2022.

The project is curated by Maija Rudovska (Latvia) in close partnership with Amy Mackie (USA) and Tina Rigby Hanssen (Norway).

Artworks will be launched throughout the whole time-frame of 3 months (December, 2021 - February, 2022). For exact dates please follow news on www.ASEFCC.org as well as on our Instagram account @structure.envisioned.


The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, Arts Council Norway, Viken County Municipality, U.S. Embassy in Latvia

Organizers' bios:

Blind Carbon Copy (Latvia) is a non-profit platform for curators, artists and other art practitioners from the Baltic and Nordic countries that initiates and supports exchange, connections and education via network infrastructures and interrelations. BCC, which is run by Maija Rudovska, has organized various small-scale events and has built close co-operations not only in the Baltic-Nordic context but also internationally. The platform operates without a particular space and site, being a fluid membrane for its members and project partners.

PARSE NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is a curatorial and research-based residency and art program that serves as a platform for critical dialogue about contemporary art. PARSE NOLA hosts two to three international curators, writers, and artists annually. During extended stays in the city, residents are encouraged to engage in studio visits with local artists, conduct research in the area, and utilize PARSE NOLA's resources to experiment with the boundaries and possibilities of curatorial and artistic practice.

Vestfold Kunstsenter (Tønsberg, Norway) was established in 1982 and is a non-profit art centre and venue for Norwegian and Nordic contemporary art. The core of our activities is our exhibition program, in which commissioning new projects from Norwegian artists plays an important role. Our aim is to increase the visibility of contemporary art in and from Norway, and to create opportunities for exchange between arts professionals in different geographic and political contexts.

Kongsberg Kunstforening (Kongsberg, Norway) was founded in 1961 by a group of enthusiasts, led by ceramicist Rolf Hansen. The purpose of the association is to show visual arts and crafts by promising artists and organize public programmes, including lectures, film screenings and workshops to increase the interest in and understanding of contemporary art.

Artists' bios:

Anna Ihle has recently been sculpting in oak with her chainsaw while thinking of time management, a recurring theme in her practice. She is involved in artist union work. Anna has a 9 months old daughter, and currently lives in Stavanger, Norway—the town where she grew up.

Addoley Dzegede is a Ghanaian-American textile enthusiast who loves sleeping in and eating ice cream year round. She learned Spanish during the pandemic and looks forward to talking people’s ears off someday in person. Addoley is a Tulsa Artist Fellow, also calling Pittsburgh and other places home.

Cristina Molina is a visual artist who hails from the subtropics of Miami and currently lives and works in New Orleans—two precarious terrains that have thematically influenced her practice. Spanning performance, video installation, photography, and textile design, Molina’s artwork is set amongst vulnerable landscapes both real, and imagined. Using the language of magical realism, her artworks reshape and centralize little-known narratives to upend dominant histories.

Dave Greber is an artist, educator, and consultant from Philadelphia, based in New Orleans. He creates experiences situated for the blockchain, gallery and wider public arena, manifested through digital media, sculptural installation, and social/environmental interventions. His practice is enthusiastically intuitive and aided by divination and collaboration with fellow biological and artificial intelligence.

Kjetil Detroit Kristensen is a Norwegian artist from Stavanger who works in various fields, including installation, film, and performance. His long-term aim is to explore and erase the borders between art and everyday life. In his artistic practice, Kristensen works both in galleries and in public spaces, building bridges between the two and searching for intersections.

Līga Spunde is based in Riga. Līga often creates her work as multimedia installations in which personal stories are closely entwined with a consciously constructed fiction. The interpretations and use of recognizable characters serve as an extension of her personal experiences, tapping into general truths. Usually, the content of the work determines the physical form of the conception, so a variety of media and materials are used in the installations.

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