Yu Shuk Pui Bobby - Genetic Salon

Yu Shuk Pui Bobby

Yu Shuk Pui Boggy er billedkunstner og arbeider i Hong Kong og Oslo. Hennes praksis er gjennomgående opptatt av temaer relatert til bioteknologi og mulige fremtidsscenarier.

Bobby har fullført en BA fra Hong Kong Baptist University og en Master fra Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo. Hun har blant annet stilt ut sine arbeider ved Parasite, EC Gallery (Hong Kong); Kunstnernes Hus i Oslo, Galleri BOA, Podium; A Place Gallery & Studios (Florida); Youkobo Art Space Gallery (Tokyo); Swatch Art Peach Hotel (Shanghai); Listhus Gallery (Iceland).


"Genetic Salon"Perhaps one day you can trim yourself completely in the way you prefer, you could become a more unique and more perfect being." In the age of queer of embracing the fluidity of body, gender, and identity, as well as the era of big data when everything can be quantified, I proposed a sci-fi imagination: Genetic Salon. This project will be presented in the form of exhibition, short film, and a virtual company to construct a non-existential land—a provocation, a place far upon the sky, a promise too seducing, and a pressing warning. The solo exhibition "Genetic Salon" at Kongsberg Kunstforening encompasses several stories of the receptionists and their customers in various waiting rooms, leading the audience into a seducing imagination of the future. In the bright and empty white room, the audience experiences how time becomes softer, slower by awaiting along with the receptionists. However, no matter how long the waiting time is going to be, the future is still confusing and difficult to predict.

Yu Shuk Pui Bobby 余淑培
is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Hong Kong and Oslo. Bobby’s practice is focused on building intimate relationships and collaborations, where physical, tangible and affective phenomena associated with body politics and the future are created by the media of video, text, installation, sculpture, and performance. In recent years, Bobby has started to work on video making with different communities as a means of exploring identity construction in various cultural contexts and collective aspects. Through intertwining semi-fictional narratives, she describe memory and experiences of identification.

Bobby received a BA from Hong Kong Baptist University and MFA at Oslo National Academy of Fine Art. She has exhibited her works at Parasite, 100ft. Gallery, starprojects, 1a Space, Tomorrow Maybe Gallery, EC Gallery (Hong Kong);Kunstnernes Hus, Galleri BOA, Podium, K4 Gallery(Oslo); A Place Gallery & Studios (Florida); Youkobo Art Space Gallery (Tokyo); Swatch Art Peach Hotel (Shanghai); Listhus Gallery (Iceland).

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